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Maxxis Advantage

Alison Dunlap designed the Maxxis Advantage as a high volume aggressive cross country tyre that corn..

$21.70 Ex Tax: $21.70

Maxxis Fuse

The Maxxis Fuse road tyre is a popular training tyre which provides excellent traction. It has a sin..

$20.23 Ex Tax: $20.23

Maxxis Grifter

The Maxxis Grifter Tyres has a foldable bead and has light weight materials that allow tricks to flo..

$22.82 Ex Tax: $22.82

Maxxis High Roller Super Tacky

The Maxxis High Roller is our most popular and versatile mountain tyre, the High Roller's ramped lea..

$30.03 Ex Tax: $30.03

Maxxis Holy Roller

The Maxxis Holy Roller is one of the most versatile BMX tyres - features a tightly spaced knob patte..

$18.83 Ex Tax: $18.83

Maxxis Hook Worm

The Maxxis Hook Worm Tyres is the original urban assault tyre, designed to take the abuses of the mo..

$20.23 Ex Tax: $20.23

Maxxis Larsen TT

The Larsen TT MTB Tyre works on a vast number of terrains and conditions, which is why it’s the favo..

$21.14 Ex Tax: $21.14

Maxxis M-Tread

The Maxxis M-Tread BMX tyre has a tread design encircles both sidewalls from rim edge to rim edge, p..

$20.23 Ex Tax: $20.23

Maxxis MaxxDaddy

The Maxxis MaxxDaddy BMX Tyre has staggered, tightly spaced center lugs, that provide controllable s..

$18.83 Ex Tax: $18.83

Maxxis MaxxLite

The blazing fast tread of the MaxxLite 285 is now available in a 29 inch size! The MaxxLite 29 featu..

$75.04 Ex Tax: $75.04

Maxxis Miracle

Dave Mirra designed the Miracle with channeled tread for little rolling resistance. The channels act..

$20.23 Ex Tax: $20.23

Maxxis Re-Fuse Tyre

The Maxxis Re-Fuse is one of their most popular training tyres, providing excellent traction, durabi..

$17.49 Ex Tax: $17.49

Maxxis Torch

Light up the track and your competition with the Torch. In an all-out sprint for 30 seconds, you nee..

$26.71 Ex Tax: $26.71

Maxxis Tyre Levers

The Maxxis Tyre Levers is a snap together pair of tough bike tyre levers. It is made up of a break r..

$6.58 Ex Tax: $6.58

Maxxis Wet Scream

Not for your local trail, the WetScream is intended for competition use only on professionally maint..

$51.73 Ex Tax: $51.73