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KMC Chain Connecting Links

The KMC Connecting Links are compatible with 410, 510 and 610 BMX chains. They are inexpensive piece..

$1.75 Ex Tax: $1.75

KMC K810SL BMX Chain

The KMC K810SL BMX bike chain has a heavy duty structure, super lightweight with hollow pins and 112..

$22.37 Ex Tax: $22.37

KMC X10 10-Speed Chain

The KMC X10 10-speed Bicycle Chain now contains 112 links in its standard form with an option of col..

$27.97 Ex Tax: $27.97

KMC X10L 10-Speed Chain

The KMC X10L Bicycle Chain is ideal for road, cyclocross and mountain bikes and features a hollow in..

$34.97 Ex Tax: $34.97

KMC X10SL 10-Speed Chain

The KMC X10SL Bicycle Chain is comparable to Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM companies and Dura Ace, XT..

$46.87 Ex Tax: $46.87

KMC X11L 11-Speed Chain

The KMC X11L is a 11-speed Campagnolo compatible bicycle chain the uses advanced technology to give ..

$49.35 Ex Tax: $49.35

KMC X11SL 11-Speed Chain

The KMC X11SL is a 11-speed superlight Campagnolo compatible Bicycle Chain that employs double X bri..

$59.47 Ex Tax: $59.47

KMC Z30 6-Speed Chain

The KMC Z30 6-Speed Bicycle Chain is a good entry level item that is also compatible with 5/6 Speed ..

$5.57 Ex Tax: $5.57

KMC Z510HX Bicycle Chain

The KMC Z510HX bicycle chain has 112 links and a stretchproof, anti-drop design and noiseless functi..

$7.32 Ex Tax: $7.32