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Felt 7 Fifty 27.5"

The Felt 7 Fifty has a light, stiff and strong frame built round the new 27.5” wheel standard, it's ..

$1,049.30 Ex Tax: $1,049.30

Felt 7 Sixty 27.5"

With the rolling characteristics of a 29” wheel and the durability of a 26”, the 27.5”-wheel Felt 7 ..

$490.00 Ex Tax: $490.00

Felt AR FRD Frameset

The Felt AR FRD frameset a carbon fibre frameset made from cutting edge UHC Ultimate + TeXtreme® spr..

$2,799.30 Ex Tax: $2,799.30

Felt B16w

The most affordable full carbon fiber TT/Tri bike in Felt’s 2013 line makes no compromises when it c..

$1,455.30 Ex Tax: $1,455.30

Felt Beaumont

The Felt Beaumont is a 1960's inspired retro cruiser finished in classic black paint and chrome, fea..

$657.30 Ex Tax: $657.30

Felt Burner 29"

The Felt Burner 29" 2-Speed pays homage to the pioneers of mountain biking, incorporating the look o..

$538.30 Ex Tax: $538.30

Felt Compulsion LT50

The Felt Compulsion LT 50 features a hydroform double-butted 6061 aluminium Equilink suspension, and..

$2,274.30 Ex Tax: $2,274.30

Felt DA2

The Felt DA2 is the result of years of research, engineering and wind-tunnel development. The DA is ..

$5,039.30 Ex Tax: $5,039.30

Felt DA3

The Felt DA3 is a top notch TT/Tri bike made from Felt's proprietary UHC Advanced carbon fibre frame..

$3,919.30 Ex Tax: $3,919.30

Felt DA4

The Felt DA4 utilizes Shimano Dura Ace parts combined with a Dual Aero TT/Tri UHC Advanced carbon fi..

$2,484.30 Ex Tax: $2,484.30

Felt Edict LTD Frame

The Felt Edict LTD dual-suspension MTB bike frame is an integral part of one of the fastest XC race ..

$2,222.47 Ex Tax: $2,222.47

Felt Edict Nine 2 29er

The Felt Edict Nine 2 29er dual suspension MTB offers fast and efficient performance with its propri..

$3,149.30 Ex Tax: $3,149.30

Felt Edict Nine 3 29er

The Felt Edict Nine 3 is a podium winning bike built from top of the line UHC Performance carbon fib..

$2,708.30 Ex Tax: $2,708.30

Felt Edict Nine 60 29er

The Felt Edict Nine 60 29er has 100mm of fully active travel and a lightweight double-butted, hydrof..

$1,574.30 Ex Tax: $1,574.30

Felt F FRD Frameset

The Felt F FRD frameset utilizes cutting edge bicycle technologies such as Dynamic Monocoque Constru..

$2,799.30 Ex Tax: $2,799.30