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Dicta 3/32" Ezi Off Freewheel

The Dicta 3/32" Ezi Off Freewheel has a 4 prong Ezi Off design, sturdy, durable construction, finish..

$10.50 Ex Tax: $10.50

Dicta 3/32" Freewheel

The Dicta 3/32" BMX freewheel has a smaller inside diameter for flip flop hubs and is not an Ezi Off..

$10.50 Ex Tax: $10.50

Dicta Single Freewheel Copy Suntour

The Dicta Single Freewheel (copy Suntour) has an Ezi Off 4 prong design, a durable construction with..

$8.75 Ex Tax: $8.75